Breathing In Being Human

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I have to admit, there are some days where I wonder: "Who am I do be writing about core net worth?" I especially think about it when I’m beating up on myself for all the things on my "do list" that aren’t done, or when I didn’t follow my exercise program, or when a presentation doesn’t go as well as it has in the past, or on days when I can’t quite figure out the right thing to say to a client to help them make the break through that they so want to make.  You get the idea–most days when I am just being a human being doing the best they can day by day.  Those days, when my list of self-criticisms are long, are the days that I think to myself—who are you kidding? You are so not embodying this self-worth thing.

I write this blog as part of the journey toward wholeness. Not because I’ve already got it figured out but because we are all on a journey toward being more true to ourselves, myself included.

The Buddhists have a meditation called Tonglen, which is about accepting whatever you are experiencing in the moment and then feeling empathy for all the other people in the world who are suffering in the same way. Pema Chödrön has a wonderful explanation of tonglen at

So today I breathe in and out for all of us who may feel that we just don’t have it together or figured out. I know I’m breathing for a large group. Somehow by realizing we are not alone—it makes being human easier, doesn’t it?

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  1. Re your comments on the TO DO list. I have been advised to write down the three things I am willing to trade my day for that day. At the end of the day, I look at the list, and no matter what, tear it up and sleep peacefully. I did what I did, and tomorrow is a new day. It is helping immensely.

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