Core Net Worth Blog Opens

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Welcome to my core net worth blog. 

What is core net worth?  Think about it — what are you worth?  Not financially but deep in your core. Who are you really?  What is your mission in life?  Are you ready to live fully and richly– no matter what your bank account balance? 

When it comes to accessing our core worth we often use a faulty accounting system.  We focus on what we have, what we do and what we look like to determine whether we are worthy.  We neglect our basic inner value our uniqueness, talents and gifts.  We think that taking care of ourselves is selfish.  We hear ourselves saying things like, “who am I to think that I have anything to say?” or “I don’t think I’m smart enough to . . .” 

I’m Carol Woodliff, a professional speaker and coach.  Core Net Worth is a new project of mine based on my work with clients.  I’m excited to be starting the blog as an exploration of how we can increase our sense of core net worth and use the concept to improve our lives and the world.

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