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How do we remember that we are valuable when we are feeling down or less than worthy?  Take a page from actors and "act as if."  If your self-esteem is low today ask yourself, "How would I act if I felt better?"  Then just for today, try it.  If you knew you were worthy, how would you treat yourself?  How would you talk to yourself?  What boundaries would you draw?  How would you treat others? 

Just for today, allow yourself to hear how you talk to yourself and correct anything you say that sound like a person who doesn’t believe he or she is worthy.  Do not beat yourself up for saying it–just notice and correct.

If you hear yourself saying, "How could I be so stupid?"  say instead, "wow that was a mistake, I’ll have to correct it."  Or if you hear yourself saying, "I’m so fat.  I’m a pig!"  Say, "I love my body and am willing to change my habits to make it healthy and fit."

We often talk to ourselves in a way that we would never talk to others.  Just for today make a conscious effort to improve the messages you send yourself both with how you talk and how you treat yourself.  Act as if you are worthy of being treated well–because you are!

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