Filling Yourself Up

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When we spend time focusing on others, whether it be as a therapist or as a parent or friend,  we need to remember to take time to do things that recharge us and help us connect with our true self.

This weekend, I’m taking a manifestation workshop at the Center For Energetic Healing In Simi Valley, CA.  The center is owned by one of my favorite healers and mentors, Arna Vodenos.  Saturday we focused on fear and how it stops us from manifesting what we want in life.  Also on heart energy which is the place that we all are connected and through which all manifestation flows.  Arna’s center was surrounded by one of the recent wildfires and was spared.  I’m so glad because it is a beautiful place and I am fortunate to be able to spend time in it with amazing people.  She has a gift of creating both the physical and emotional space for people to fill themselves up.

The messages that came forth today for me is that we don’t banish fear.  We learn to hold it lightly– to hear its messages but not be controlled by them.  There is a greater energy in love and trust and connection with others.  I’m honored to be able to connect with this group and will share more about the experience after the workshop is over. 

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