Thank You I Got It! “Trust Yourself”

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Last night I had a dream.  I only remember fragments of it but I remember sitting at a table with one of my friends and her saying, “The only thing you have to do is trust yourself.”

Then this morning I open my email and there is a TUT… A Note from the Universe email and it simply says: ” Carol, trust yourself.”

I was cleaning out some old magazines and I looked down at the front page of one and it said, “How to Trust Your Intuition.”

Then my friend and writing coach, Ellen Snortland, sends out her Author Bite by Bite message in her writing group on Facebook and it says “Trust Yourself.”

Then Lynn Rose,  an amazing singer and speaker that I know, posts on Facebook”  “The KEY to peace, KEY to success, KEY to love…are two little words… ‘Trust yourself’ ”

Okay Universe I hear you!   I will trust myself, my intuition and my instincts.  I will trust myself to follow my path and my heart.  Thank you.  I heard you.

Maybe if you are reading this, you needed that message too!

2 thoughts on “Thank You I Got It! “Trust Yourself”

  1. YAY Carol! How cool that you got so many “God winks” in such a laser amount of time. Sounds like the Universe is in support of you ‘trusting yourself’.

    That’s a big one for me too. In fact a KEY one for me (and I think for all of us).

    Thanks for posting this and sharing your heart and soul. Sending much love to YOU,


  2. Thanks for stopping by Lynn. I think God was more than winking! I think Source was waving flags! We all need reminders–especially when we are going for the big juicy stuff in life! Thanks for being one of mine yesterday!


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