Does Being Practical Hold You Back?

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I am a practical person. I’ve always thought that being practical was a good thing.  Unless you are meant to be a cloistered monk or nun, you have to attend to the real world practicalities of life. We have responsibilities to other people and financial considerations like paying the mortgage or rent.   Yes, we practical and responsible people choose to feed our children (or animals) and pay our bills before we splurge on luxury items.

Being practical also can have a downside. The callings of our soul and heart do not intitially seem practical.  The things our inner sacred voice may tell us to do may seem downright ridiculous.  Over the last few years that inner voice has been telling me to do a lot of things that seemed down right impractical—listen to the voice to write a book, close my physical hypnotherapy office and the latest leap of faith, quitting a part-time job at a law firm that had always been my “practical” back up job. 

The problem with hanging onto that law firm job was that it was like trying to swim across a lake while holding onto the pier with one arm.  I wasn’t getting much of anywhere and I was exhausted.  So on August 6th, I took the leap and said goodbye to my job at Skadden, Arps where I had worked for 21 years.  The universe has already rewarded me with clients and opportunities that I couldn’t have imagined.  I was practical as I made this leap.  I talked with a financial planner.  I rewrote my intentions for my business and the book.  But I realized that being practical is a tool that should help us take the steps to create our dreams.  There are things that have to happen in the world and being practical helps us take action. But being practical shouldn’t stop us from living our lives and going for what we desire. (I want to be clear here. I’m talking about soul callings not necessarily material things. If what you say you desire more than anything has a high ticket price tag, check to see whether that expensive item is really a calling from your soul or your ego looking to prove something.)

One of the saddest memories in my life was when my father had a stroke in 1987 and I flew home to see him.  He knew that it was serious if his out-of-town daughter was dropping everything and flying to his bedside.  My mom, sister and I gathered around his bed.  His left side paralyzed, his lip drooping, he looked at my mom and said, “I never got to take you to Hawaii.”  I still tear up as I see my mom and dad looking at each other with so much love, knowing that a Hawaii trip wasn’t going to happen for them at least for a while.  It, in fact, never did happen.  My dad had that stroke in March and died in August 1987.  My parents sacrificed a lot to give us girls the best education they could afford.  They were practical people who put off a dream trip for the “someday” that never came. I don’t think my parents regretted the choice.  They were proud of what they had achieved in their lives.  But I wish I had been able to make that trip happen for them.  I didn’t even know it was a dream my parents had until that moment in the hospital when it was already too late. 

Life is short and we don’t know how many minutes, hours, days or years we each have on the planet.  What is it you have always longed to do or be?  Is it something artistic like painting or writing?  Do you have an idea for an invention or a business that you just won’t let yourself pursue?  Has a certain travel destination been calling your name? 

We may think that being practical keeps us safe but what if we realized by staying “safe” we also live our lives small?  The things you truly desire from your heart and soul are the unique contributions you can make to the world and these should not always take the back seat to the practical part of life. 

 What was practical in sailing to a new unknown world to start a new life?  What was practical about creating a machine so man could fly?  (At least at the time the Wright brothers and others were trying to create flying machines.)  What was practical about setting a goal to send a man to the moon?  None of these things were considered practical at the time. 

I’m going to challenge you right now to look at your life and see if there is a way that being practical is actually holding you back from being amazing.  What would you do this year if you were less worried about being practical and more aligned with your spirit?   You don’t have to quit your job or leave your family behind but what if you just carved out some time to do something that didn’t seem practical but seemed right from the depths of your soul?

I welcome your thoughts and comments below.

7 thoughts on “Does Being Practical Hold You Back?

  1. I loved your article so much that I passed it on to my friends.

    Reading this article “Does Being Practical Hold You Back?” has inspired me to pursue my goal of starting my jewelry business. I have always enjoyed making jewelry for my friends and relatives. I use to sell several pieces per week.

    However, four years ago I had to put that goal on hold to be practical and accept the job position of HR Director for a trucking co.

    By reading this article I have come realize that at this time in my life I am now able to juggle both until that time will come to do go full force on my jewelry business. I will go home and draft my business plan.

    Thanks Carol for this inspiring article.

    Wendy S.

  2. Thanks Wendy. You made my morning. Keep me posted on your jewelry. I’d love to see your work sometime. Let me know when you have some pictures to share or get a website up. I’ll share with the community.

  3. Carol, the comment about your mom and dad in the hospital brought a tear. I am so happy you let go of the pier. This is the time, and the universe will support you. I so look forward to holding your book in my hand, and you know I believe what you say. j

  4. Amazing – your articles always seem to have perfect timing in my life. I need to work on letting go…and focus on the things that really matter. This really slapped me in the face 2 weeks ago as we were getting ready to leave on a 10 day vacation…the night before our scheduled departure, my daughter was doubled over with abdominal cramps. A trip to the ER followed the next morning since the pains had not subsided. Thankfully, it was not as serious as the doctors originally thought, but our trip got canceled so she could stay home and rest. Well, staying home for those 10 days was exactly what I needed as well, but I would not have allowed it to happen because of the vacation “schedule” we had in place. The universe definitely takes care of us!!

  5. @Gail–The universe does take care of us and sometime what we think is misfortune is actually an unexpected gift. Like you getting time at home from an unexpected illness from your daughter. And I’m very glad she is okay.

    @Karen Thanks. LOVE You!

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