Aligning with The Sacred: Speaking Your Truth

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We cannot fully be in touch with the sacred self inside unless we are willing to speak our truths with kindness and compassion. Learning to be transparent and vulnerable is not something that the ego or our fearful self is anxious to do. We say, “I don’t want to hurt others, I don’t like conflict, or I don’t want to be ridiculed if my truth is inconvenient for the other person”, but what we are really saying is, “who I am, isn’t okay and isn’t strong enough to handle expressing my truth with love for all.”

Many years ago, a friend, amazing healing and mentor of mine, Arna Vodenos asked me a question that has stuck with me all these years, “What is loving about withholding your truth from those around you? You only let them know the mask you put on to prevent yourself from experiencing some sort of pain. The problem in withholding your truth, is that people don’t know the real you at all, do they?”

It seems to be stating the obvious to say that we can’t live from our highest most authentic selves when we aren’t willing to be open and transparent with those around us. We don’t have to act like a steamroller and expect everyone to accept and convert to our truths. Being authentic does mean honoring ourselves and those around enough to speak the truths in our heart, and accept responsibility for our own feelings and journey.

You may be thinking that there are places where it isn’t safe to speak the truth. That may be true, but I suspect that there are far fewer places where a lovingly spoken truth isn’t safe, than we first imagine. The practice of lovingly sharing your truth helps you stay in relationship and partnership with people around you. And it seems to be sorely needed in the world today. If you’ve read any news or blog comments lately you will see a lot of people stating their truths and opinions in less than loving ways. We can’t fix other people but we can work on ourselves.

I believe that one way the Divine is calling us to heal the world is for each of us to get better at speaking our truths and opinions with kindness. What do you think?

PS. Today on Facebook, I was linked to Colette Carlson’s blog entitled Speak Your Truth. A wonderful spiritual coincidence since I had already started writing this blog post. Colette makes some good points in her opening post and I hope to read more of what she has to say. So if you want to stop by and read and comment on her post, follow the link.

Until the next time–hugs

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