Stillness and the Gift of Clarity

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“There is a crystal clarity available right now, detached, rooted in the deep stillness that lies at the core of your being.”  Osho

The other day I was having a conversation with a friend about the fact that it is easy to become a perpetual seeker. We all know people who have spent thousands of hours in workshops and therapy and are still looking for something. I used to be one of those people; always hoping that someone would have an answer for me that would make my life make sense. I found small bites of nourishment that kept me going at each event I attended but the information didn’t become mine until I learned to go within and be still.

I didn’t call it meditation because that word was too loaded with connotations of being something that I wasn’t.  At the time I committed to taking time for stillness each day, I was over-scheduled, overwhelmed and lost. The thought of being still for 15 minutes actually scared me. I wasn’t sure what I was scared of, but I just knew that stillness was hard for me. But it was exactly what I needed.

Rather than zoning out with the television, I committed to 15 minutes of silence. Actually in the beginning I couldn’t sit in a completely quiet room, so I put on some meditation music and set a timer so that I wouldn’t get up from my stillness until time was up. In essence, I was giving myself a time out. And many times the child in my head kicked and screamed all the way, “I don’t wanna!” Somewhere though, I knew this stillness was very important.  And as I sat still each day, I realized I was giving myself a gift.  I was giving myself time to just be with myself, notice what was going on and accept myself.  I was often surprised by what I learned in stillness.  This practice has now become the way I hear the voice within that helps me make decisions and guides me to live my highest life.

Stillness is the doorway into the part of ourselves where we can have the clarity to know what is right for us. Stillness is the place where we see how the direction we have been going may not be aligned with what we truly want. Stillness is the place where we hear the whispers of our soul. Stillness is the place where we can see our blessings.

In this upcoming week where the United States celebrates Thanksgiving, I ask you to give yourself the gift of stillness; the gift of at least 15 minutes of non-doing, of having no agenda other than to be with yourself and accept whatever happens in that 15 minutes of slowing down. Perhaps your highest voices of love and light within you will speak, perhaps not. But slowing down and just being present with yourself for a short period of time can help you connect with that part of you that is just waiting for you to give it some time. It is that part of you that is connected with peace, joy and love. It is that part of you that was in the baby that was born so many years ago that was so precious. You don’t have to go anywhere to find it. It is within you!

What is your experience with stillness? What are your fears about being still? What gifts have you gotten when you have taken the time to be still?  What are your questions about being still?

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