Are You A Self-Sorcerer?

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In December, I took a class from the Four Winds Society called Walking with Protection to teach me how to block the negative energies that can be so present in the world. I took this class for myself and to be able to share the information with my readers and clients.

What negative energies am I talking about? Let me ask you a few questions: Have you ever had a co-worker who pushed your buttons? Do you get upset reading comments from “certain people” on news articles on the Internet (maybe because of their political affiliation or belief system)? Have you ever gone through a bad break up and just felt like the other person was sending energetic daggers your way? I know I have. This is what I thought I was learning to protect myself from, but alas, I was only half right.

There can be a lot of negative energy in the world, but the degree to which it affects us has to do with not what is going on outside but what is going on inside. The thing we most need to protect ourselves from is our own thoughts and deep shadows.   Other people get to us by poking at those tender places inside that we are denying or trying to protect.   The first step in walking with protection from the outside world is to do your own work.  When we are strong and have looked at our own negativity, it is harder for people to get to us.    

You’ve are probably already aware that you have negative thoughts.  But are you aware that those negative thoughts could be interpreted by your subconscious mind as a command to create the very thing you don’t want? 

  • I’m not good enough.
  • I am not lovable unless I lose 30 pounds. 
  • Other people get it.  I don’t!
  • It’s hard . . .
  • I need to stay in this job because it is safe.

Do any of those sound even vaguely familiar?  If not, I’m sure you could find one of your negative thoughts that might fit the bill.  Are the things you say to yourself the way you want your life to be?  Do you want your life to be hard?  Do you want no one to love you if you are overweight?   Of course you don’t!

These things we say to ourselves have power.  Remember how you learned things as a child?  You sang the ABC song.   You repeated things to yourself over and over again.  This is called the law of repetition.  What we repeat to ourselves we reinforce and learn.  Why would you want to repeat these negative things to yourself again and again?  We do it because we aren’t conscious what we are doing.   We are in effect doing negative self-sorcery.   

Begin to notice what kind of messages you give yourself about your life and the world we live in.  What are you focusing on?  If you find yourself being a negative self-sorcerer, stop yourself.  Rephrase what you said immediately in a more helpful and supportive way.  Make sure the words you use are aligned with good intentions for yourself and others. Let me retool an old spiritual law here, “Don’t do to yourself that which you wouldn’t want others to do to you.”  In other words, before you start worrying about needing protection from other people, start by protecting yourself from your own misdirected thoughts and words. 

What do you think?  Have you been unconsciously making life more difficult for yourself through self-sorcery?  Your comments are welcome below.

(If you’d like some help determining how you might be casting negative spells on yourself and to replace those spells with supportive talk and behavior, you can schedule a hypnotherapy or coaching session with me in person, via Skype or via telephone.)

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