Can We Do Better? Holding the Dream

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I don’t know anyone who hasn’t been disturbed and heartbroken by the images and stories that have come out of Japan. These are times where we realize that our personal day-to-day problems may be actually very small in comparison to bigger world events. But these bigger world events can also make us pause and notice things; for me, recent events have made me question the wisdom of relying on nuclear power.

The other day someone sent me a link to Seth Godin’s blog that was talking about our perceptions of nuclear power being so much more dangerous than coal produced power. The blog post showed how many more deaths can be linked to coal than nuclear energy. As I looked at the graphic, my first thought was “it isn’t a coal or nuclear power” question. Certainly as conscious beings we can see that having a fuel source that requires men to risk their lives extracting a resource from the ground and then polluting as it burns is no better than a fuel that creates waste that has a half life of tens of thousands of years. Neither seems like a good answer for me. And when we ask the wrong question, we get the wrong answer. It isn’t a coal or nuclear question to me. The question is: “what can we create that is better, more sustainable for our future beyond coal or nuclear produced energy?”

We are stuck in old patterns and beliefs and it isn’t just about how we create our electricity. When we are stuck in an “either-or” with two unappealing options, isn’t it time to innovate and look for better solutions? We are the people who have to do this. We are the ones who have to hold the vision of love for the planet and all the people on it, the vision of finding new and more loving solutions to our energy and other problems.

On May 25, 1961, John Kennedy issued a challenge before a joint session of Congress to successfully send man to the moon and back within the decade. And on July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong took that giant step to put his foot on the lunar surface. I was only a baby when Kennedy issued the challenge but I remember sitting in front of our black and white television watching the coverage of the Armstrong’s touchdown on the moon. My childhood was a time of optimism that we could face our challenges and find solutions to those challenges. Isn’t it time for us to issue new challenges to create a better world?

To quote/paraphrase John Lennon and the beautiful song Imagine, “You may say I’m a dreamer” but I hope I’m not the only one holding the dream/the vision that we can find a better way to power our world and that we can vision loving solutions to many more of the problems we face.

I’m calling on my readers to be dream tenders. To hold the dream that we can find solutions that aren’t the least ugly alternative to the problems we face. Holding that it is possible to find a better solution is the first step in making it happen. We may not be physicists or scientists but we can hold the vision or dream that it is possible to create something better.

Will you pick something in the world that disturbs you or you think we can do better with and hold a vision that we can create something better? I hope you join me and the world can live as one in that vision. Our world needs us to hold that dream.

I’ve created a short visualization meditation that can help you find and hold that dream for the world. It is a quick recording with no music. You can listen to it here by clicking on the arrow or download to your computer or MP3 device by clicking on the download link that is after the player. This visualization is my gift to you and the world.

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