Awareness practice: Notice the patterns in your life

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Recently both my laptops and my cell phone started to have loose connections where you plug in the charger.  I’ve been pretty careful with the laptops and they haven’t been dropped and haven’t been abused. The big laptop never leaves the house and rarely leaves my desk.  The phone? It has been dropped a few times but probably not any more than anyone else’s phone.  One electronic with a connection problem is annoying; two may be a coincidence; but three at the same time?  That seemed like a pattern that I might want to look at.

I asked myself if there were loose connections in my life where I don’t get a proper charge.   The answer came back loud and clear, “YES!”  I realized there were several “loose connections” that needed my attention.  It actually was a blessing to see these places so I could make the necessary shifts.  I had gotten lax in my meditation practice which was a loose connection with my spirit.  I had let my energy stray from intentions I had set.  Time to reconnect with those and take the actions I had committed to in alignment with those intentions. Most importantly I realized that I don’t want to have loose connections with the people I love and care about.  It was time to reconnect with my loved ones on a deeper level.

Pattern from Thai TempleThe patterns we see in our lives are calling us to examine the energy flowing in our lives. They are outward manifestations of the way the energy of your life is weaving with the energy of the universe.   You might not always see a message but when you do, it is like an early warning system that gives you the opportunity to see if there is anything you want to shift or bring into alignment.

Here are some simple steps to help you work with patterns in your life:

  1. When you notice that things are happening in a pattern (like my three electronic appliances all having connection/charging problems) take a moment and come up with words or images to describe what is happening.  In my example above, “loose connections” or “not charging properly” or “not getting connected.”
  2. See if the theme of what is happening in your pattern has a greater relevance or message to your life.  Do you have loose connections? Are you not charging properly or aren’t you getting connected somewhere that feels important?  See if it resonates with a bigger part of your life than just what is happening in the pattern you see.
  3. If you can’t see the message in the pattern, ask the highest intelligence to let you know if there is a connection you haven’t seen. (You may call this intelligence God, the Universe, Source, or just ask the highest part of you to double check for you.) Maybe there isn’t a message.  Perhaps it is just a random pattern but sometimes the obvious is right in front of us and we need a little time to see how the message in the pattern might be speaking to us.
  4. If you see the message, say “Thank You!”  Notice what needs to happen in your thoughts, actions and energy to shift the pattern and take action based on what you now know.

Noticing patterns is a great awareness practice.  It can help you live more connected to your intuition and your heart.  I welcome your comments. What’s your experience in working with patterns in your own life?  Is this helpful to you?


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