Decide Now–A Call To Shifting Our Stories

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This is an automatic writing that I did a few years ago. I had to cut it from the book I am writing because it just didn’t fit in the flow of the book.  I cringed over deleting this beautiful reminder of the power of our stories and the ability to shift our stories to empower our lives from the book but I can give it a home here.

You are not your stories. They are just reflections that of how you think about yourself and your life.  You are not the snapshots frozen in time you tell of yesterday. Look to your past and notice where you have left part of your soul behind—any story you tell of not being whole. You’ve given your power to an event that no longer exists. Today it is just a story which you give power to. Forgive yourself, forgive the other. Call your soul back with love. Move on.

There comes a point when you have to choose.  Will you continue to play the recordings of the scared self?  “I can’t.  I don’t know how.  Fix it for me! She or he hurt me!”  Or will you own your sacred connection and ask that everything that is in the way of your power to create be removed from your consciousness?

Will you know that the moment of fear is just an opportunity to move into your light?

Will you decide that your pain is not a punishment but an opening through which you can know yourself and the Divine within you?

How will you determine the value of your life? By a bank account and a list of accomplishments or by the openness of your mind and heart to the wonder pure light and love?

Be.  Live your life.   Own your light, your power, your presence and be that miraculous being–evolving and creating. Your most sacred heart calls to you.  Following its callings. This alone is your goal and purpose.

It is a decision, a commitment in this moment right now.   That’s all, nothing more.  Decide the stories you will live by. Decide Now.

Is there any place you need to shift a story?  I found one or two of my mine that could use some tweaking.  Are you aware of a dis-empowering story you tell yourself?  Could you decide now to shift it?  Where can we, as part of the collective consciousness, decide to tell a higher story for the world?

3 thoughts on “Decide Now–A Call To Shifting Our Stories

  1. thanks for the post, Carol, and the beautiful comment on my blog. I appreciate the concept of shifting the story especially right now as I struggle to hold my path against the judgements of others, my father especially who wants to see the bank account expand and the security of knowing I have a boss. It’s a different world now than he was used to and I have to shift my thinking to be independent of him…how remarkable at my age.

  2. I think you could build a whole other book around this post! We discussed this very thing on my radio show last night. If our story is a means to elicit “Victim,” then that story will never serve us. But the stories that are told as commonality w/our fellow humans are healing!


  3. Kate-I so agree in the power of story. My book is developed along that premise. And you are right–there could be another book here. Although I’d like to get the first one birthed before I jump into the next one!

    Kip-Hang in there–one of the things I know is when we hold to our vision and work with the higher self or spirit–doors or windows open. It can be difficult to hold the vision while family and friends question us and even more difficult when they are helping us.

    Thank you both for stopping by!

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