Carrying Thanksgiving Forward

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It’s evening here in Los Angeles.  Thanksgiving Day is winding down. I didn’t want to let the day slip away without thanking you for your beautiful presence in my life.  I’m so grateful for all of you who read this blog and my newsletter–clients, friends and those of you I’ve never met!  And I wanted to share a thought that occurred to me earlier today.  It started when I thought, “Why can’t every day be Thanksgiving?” I started to write and this free verse poem is what resulted.

Let’s Carry Thanksgiving Forward!

Each day, let us remember that we are wealthy beyond measure if we have family and friends who love us.

Let’s remember that one of the most powerful actions is opening your arms to envelop someone in a hug.

Each day life gives us all the raw ingredients to make a feast, let’s not forget it is up to us to use those ingredients to create an amazing life.

The most powerful craving many people have is for acknowledgement. Let’s remember to thank those who make our lives better by their presence.

Let’s remember that even though someone roots for a different team or has different political views he or she is still part of our family of humanity here on earth.

If we remember to carry this Thanksgiving spirit forward, we can shift the world a bit closer to a place of peace, abundance and love.

Let’s remember.


Sending my love and gratitude to you, today and always.

Carol Woodliff


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