Creating space to listen

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Settle yourself and breathe for a moment.  Know that the next breath is available—deep and rich.  So too are the elements you need for life.  Breathe for a moment and remind yourself of the bounty in your world.  Ask your mind to be tuned to the frequency of love and connection.  Ask that everything that keeps you from hearing and knowing how supported you are be filtered out.  Sit in this space and be willing to listen.  Don’t talk to spirit. Shhhhhhhh! Listen.  Open your heart, your mind and ears.  Wait.  It may not come today.  It may not come tomorrow but it will come as you create the space to receive.


On my walk with Sadie today, I had this moment where I realized that I had fallen away from the very practice that had helped me connect with that authentic spirit part of me.  Years ago I used to meditate for about 15 minutes and then open my journal and listen and “take dictation” from the voice within.  It led me to the book I’m getting ready to publish.  Somewhere in the later part of crafting the book, it became about the editing and the doing and my spirit time for listening became less and less important till I wasn’t doing it all all.  So after the dog walk, I committed to sitting and listening.  The quote that opens this piece was the message that came through for me today.  It seemed worth sharing.  So many of us want guidance but if we don’t create that time in our day to listen, we can’t really bitch when we can’t hear it can we?  Of course we can but it isn’t very useful.   So I’m recommitting to listen and I’m going to share what I get each day with you.   Such a deal, right?



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