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Hold yourself with love

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Go to that core where you feel not worthy or judged.  Hold gently the place of fear, doubt, brokenness and not enough-ness.  Surround it with love.  This loving will shift the world.

When I sat down at my journal today and asked what I needed to know or share, the above message flowed onto the journal page.  I’m much harder on myself than I would be with friends, family or clients. Over the years doing my spiritual and personal development work, I’ve gotten better at not beating myself up but I know my self love is still at times very conditional.  Today, after seeing that message on the page,  I sat and put a hand over my heart and the other over my solar plexus and imagined sending love to all those voices and parts of myself I had judged as “not good enough.”  This act of holding myself with love was very simple and yet very emotional.  I felt old stuff shift and tears fill my eyes as I simply repeated, “I love you” while holding my heart and stomach.

Perhaps if all spent a few minutes a day doing this we really could shift the world.  As we give ourselves that love, could we share our hearts and talents more fully with the world? If we fill up on love as we start our day, would we have more to give?  Would our lights shine brighter?

If the idea inspires you, give it a try and let me know what happens.




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