Attending to the roots

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If you’ve been following the blog lately you know I’ve developed a passion for Noticing Beauty on my walks with Sadie (my dog) through our neighborhood. I’ve been adding a photo to the blog and to my Facebook page each day of the things I see that open my heart and remind me just how beautiful the world is. I get messages every day on the walk that remind me how supported we all are and just how well the universe works.

I also get other reminders that on first glance aren’t so beautiful–like this tree stump and root ball that has been like this since the storm the end of November 2011.
Tree stump and rootball There are several places in my city where no one has removed these root balls; maybe because the city has a limited budget these days or maybe because the private home owner is waiting for an insurance settlement.

I passed this tree today for probably the 100th time and this time it had something to say to me. It said, “Don’t you see? Just like removing a tree stump can be difficult, the issues you and your clients face are often like removing the root structure of belief and energy systems that have taught you that life has to be a certain way. See how complex the root structure is?” We often look for a healer, a guru to help us make change quickly rather than committing to the process of change itself. We expect one session, one book, or one ah-ha moment to remove all the roots completely.

The caution tapes around the tree stump reminded me that when I try to get to the root of an issue it can take me on a messy, confusing journey. For my clients my job is to help them pull up the roots they are ready to deal with. I’m to be the loving compassionate person that encourages them to deal with those energetic and belief structure roots but also reminds them that it all doesn’t have to be done today. If fact if they try to pull up all the roots today, they may be making things more difficult for themselves. Finding our way to our authentic selves means being patient with the old roots and allowing ourselves to be on a healing journey rather than expecting everything to change all at once. If we use that old tree root ball as the metaphor for what is going on in our energy and subconscious minds, maybe we’ll be more loving and patient with ourselves as we release those old patterns that no longer serve us.

What do you think?

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  1. Hello Carol, so today is the first day that Ive been introduced to you and I love your writings, they hit home and are helping me already… Thank you for what you do.

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