On our walk today: Grasshopper medicine

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On our walk today, there was a lot of bee activity in a lavender bush.  I thought it would be cool to get a close up picture of the bees gathering nectar. Alas, the bees were too fast for me today. But it was perfect because if one of the bees had stayed long enough for me to get the picture, I would have missed this grasshopper who was posing so quietly on the bush.

Grasshopper in Lavender bush©2012 Carol Woodliff


Grasshoppers are considered a symbol of good luck and abundance in China.   In Native American traditions, they are considered messengers of good tidings.   Some believe that connecting with grasshopper medicine allows you to take intuitive and uncanny leaps forward.

I’ve been taking more and more of those leaps of faith lately.  Lovely to get a message that all is divine order on my walk today.

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