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Are you trying to manifest or create something but feel stuck?   On Wednesday, I promised I begin a series of posts to help you get unstuck and shift your vibration that take less than 15 minutes each.  This is the first in that series.

Today we are going to connect with the child artist in you. Don’t panic!  Honestly it doesn’t matter how good your art is.  Today is about connecting with that part of yourself that found joy in scribbling on the page.  Some of you may be comfortable with art, others may have all sorts of judgment about your artistic abilities.  If you are resistant, please just tell your inner killjoy to take a rest for 15 minutes and give this a try.

Grab a box of crayons, some colored pencils, markers or paints and a couple of pieces of paper.   You are going to work fast and without thinking about your drawing or painting.   Take a deep breath and pick your first color and just start coloring.  Experience the color as it goes on the page. Feel the way the application of color changes as you change the pressure of your hand.  Let the colors overlap, color outside “the lines”.  Try to tell your thinking/judgmental mind to sit on the sidelines for a moment while you are in the process.  Forget about rules or even making a pretty picture.  Just draw or paint like you did when you were 3 or 4–all what comes out to come out!

I don’t consider myself great at drawing but because I’m asking you to this, I’m going to share the picture that I drew in 10 minutes. (Click on the picture if you want to open it in a browser window by itself full size.)

Heart bird drawing
It's a heart, It's bird! It's connecting with spirit!

After you finish your drawing, before you reengage the critical part that has lots to say about you as an artist, notice how your body felt while you were coloring or painting.  Was there at least a moment where you could let go and enjoy the process of creating?   When I do these sort of drawings without trying to do anything than experience the process of drawing the way I did when I was a child, I notice a lightness about creating that isn’t always present when I’m trying to create something for my life.

That very lightness is the vibration from which creation flows.  Creation and manifestation is fun and joyful!   I think I’m going to get my color crayons out more often and maybe I’ll even be good to my inner 4 year old and put this on the refrigerator!

We’ll be back Monday for another vibration shifting exercise.

Let me know how this one went for you.



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