You go first!

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White Flower with green and tree behind
©2012 Carol Woodliff

On our walk today I saw this amazing flower. If you look around there are many other buds. In a few days, this little patch of land will probably be full of these flowers. But today, this one flower was ready to bloom and it did so. It didn’t wait for the other flowers to bloom.

How many of us have impulses to bloom but we stop ourselves not wanting to go first? We worry about leaving our friends or family behind if we step into our greatness. Or perhaps we are uncomfortable being a leader. We don’t want to be the one who sticks her head up and becomes a target.

Another area where we are often reluctant to go first is with forgiveness or connecting to our love energy. A perfect example of this is when we say something like, “When he/she does x, I will then do y,” or “Why do I have to be the bigger person?”

The thing is, the only person you can control is yourself. Waiting for someone else to shift is your ego talking, not your spirit or soul. You can’t make your life circumstance dependent on whether others are ready to bloom or not.  If you are having the impulse to be more loving to step out and live your life in a bigger way, it is up to you to do it now. Take note of this flower, it didn’t wait for all the other flowers to be ready in order to bloom. If you are hearing your calling, go ahead–you go first!  You might just be the first but soon you won’t be alone.  Your blooming will remind others that it is time for them too!

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