Why isn't it easy?

The myth of it being easy

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Why isn't it easy?

Somewhere along the line many of us got conned into believing that if we vibrated high enough; if we thought the right positive thoughts and said the right affirmations; if we found the special 10 steps to success–life would be easy.  Are you still looking for that magical formula?   Listening to those self help and New Age gurus, we got lulled into believing that if we just aligned our energies right, everything we wanted would happen like magic. I have to say that this is another one of those dang paradoxes.  It is true and it’s full of crap at that same time.  Excuse my language but I’ve decided that I need to write about the things I love to talk about with friends.  Occasionally my language with friends is a little less than PC. Hope you are okay with that.  I promise “crap” is about as bad as it is going to get.

Yes, certain things do happen pretty magically when we are aligned heart and spirit with our purpose, but many other things simply take hard work.  Some things won’t happen no matter how hard we work. If we think otherwise, we are deluding ourselves and making ourselves unhappy with the false thought that keeps repeating in our minds, “This was supposed to be easy!”

I’ve had magical moments in the last four years. I connected with a higher Voice that shared messages with me and it asked me to write a book.  Connecting with that energy put part of my life in flow.  Things that I’ve needed to advance the project have shown up in surprising ways.  I didn’t know how to pull it all the teachings that spirit gave me into a book that would be useful for others.  Two days later I was at a meeting and there was Ellen Snortland, Book Coach and author who introduced me to her writer’s group which helped me craft the final book.  I wanted a very special cover for my book and somehow I was guided to an artist Annie B. in Cornwall England who created a cover for me that captured exactly what was in my mind’s eye only better.  These things flowed easily.  But I’ve also spent months in my home just me and the computer.  I’ve written and rewritten—till I was so sick of my stories that at times I doubted that they had any value at all.

I’m more connected than I’ve ever been to my spirit and yet things haven’t been exactly easy.  I’ve had to take big leaps of faith and risks that others might think foolish.  And many days I bounce back and forth between feeling really connected to something amazing and feeling like I’ve been given the assignment of climbing Mount Everest without any gear.

Where do we get these ideas that a spiritual connection is going to solve the day-to-day life problems and make everything easy?  It is rather a childlike hope that if we connect with our spirit that magically we will no longer have to struggle with anything in our lives, isn’t it?

Recently I recommitted to going to the gym and hired a trainer to help me.  My new trainer is a great guy with lots of knowledge but there is nothing he is going to be able to do to help me if I don’t show up and do the work.   And all my hard work in the gym isn’t going to help me lose the weight I want to lose if I don’t watch what I put in my mouth and do the work I need to do to confront the times where I eat not from hunger but for emotional reasons.  That’s all lots of work.  And I know for a time it won’t be easy.  Creating new habits takes commitment and discipline.  They don’t happen without attention.

As a hypnotherapist, I often struggled trying to help clients who wanted me to have the magic wand to wave over their heads and make their lives work.  Unfortunately that wand was left out of my toolkit.  Week after week we’d meet and work on shifting their mindset and beliefs. I’d give them homework to do to put that mindset into practice and they wouldn’t do it, no matter how small of a chunk of action I’d assign. They’d say things like–I thought this was going to make it so I wouldn’t have to do any work and it would all happen magically.  They of course, didn’t last long as clients because there was no way I could meet their expectations of fixing their lives without any effort on their part.

Now that I have shifted my practice to a spiritual coaching and healing practice, people come with different expectations and I’m connecting with “my perfect clients” who understand that whatever they are struggling with at the moment is a part their personal spiritual journey. Every part of our human experience—our struggles, our disappointments, our temptations to look for shortcuts—all of that is part of what our spirit came here to experience. The problems we experience are the doorway to a greater connection with self and spirit. Our outside circumstances may be a reflection of the way we thought in the past or they may be exactly what we ordered up as an experience of being human when we signed up for our human experience when our soul was coming to earth.  I love the clients who understand this and are willing to go deep with their work.  I’m honored by their trust and courage.  Because on this journey of being spirit in human form, there are magical moments of support and there also is lots of work to do if we want to grow and experience ourselves in this life. It isn’t always easy. And it feels better to me to acknowledge that everything will be easy is a myth.  I can enjoy the moments of flow and know that the moments of hard work are an equally valid part of life not a sign of failure.  That’s how I see it.

What do you think?


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  1. I absolutely LOVE this truth! As ALWAYS thank you for being who you are and teaching what you have been given! Luvs! 😀

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