Piano Envy on Piano Chat with Susan Kay Wyatt

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Earlier this week I had the pleasure of joining Susan Kay Wyatt on her show “Piano Chat.” I had no idea what we were going to talk about and I have to admit, I was a little concerned about having to play the piano or sing with SK. She’s a recording artist and I sing loud and off-key when I drive. SK’s guest Britt Michealian played a respectable “Heart and Soul” on her segment the week before, so the one song that I know on piano had already been done. But I knew I’d have a great time. Piano chat is SK’s wonderful way to share that combines her sense of humor and her music. So this is my appearance on “Piano Chat.” I had a blast as you can see. I actually did the loud air sucking laugh–OMG! I love the song SK sings called “It’s Alright.” Hope you enjoy the show too!

If there is something that you always wanted as a child, but didn’t get, maybe you can find a way to give it to yourself now. Listen to the call of your spirit. Is what you wanted still important to you? Honestly for me, getting to lay down on that beautiful grand might have been enough! (Earlier I had posted that the piano was a Baby Grand-and it is certainly no Baby–that’s what comes from posting late at night! As SK says, “She’s no baby! She’s a big girl!) Thanks for the wonderful experience SK! Love you!

Where can you step out of your comfort zone, stretch a little and experience something you always wanted?

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