From Scared to Sacred Poem

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When I launched the book, I put a Google alert on “Scared to Sacred” because I wanted to be able to see reviews and mentions of the book that show up on the Internet. Sometimes I get false hits that are a beautiful surprise like this free verse poem over at Deviant Art by *silvernium. Sharing because I love the imagery and reading the italic line is one thought and the regular text is another.

from scared to sacred
by *silvernium

i love how art is drifting away
children are painting the sun
from where it has been going
on sidewalks where future’s feet
into something freer and
walk daily, thinking about
constrains are showing their
the sun, warm on their backs
seams which flow along societies
this poet thought today everything
as we look to understand where
is sacred, and no one should be scared
we are and who we are
in this life if we could change the letters

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