It might not be your thinking that needs to change

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The phrase “change your thinking change your life,” is used often in today’s self help literature. How we think and what we choose to focus on is an important aspect of the results we get in life. But many people come to me frustrated: “I’ve been saying affirmations, and taking action, but nothing is changing.”   They know that there is something deeper going on; they just don’t know what it is.  They say, “I’ve tried to change my thoughts and it isn’t working!”   I understand their frustration.  As I probe deeper, I invariably find that they know all sorts of things in their heads but really don’t believe them or have an experience of them at the heart or gut level.

In the Western world, we’ve been trained to focus on the logical and discount the emotional.
There is a dualistic split between the mind and the heart as though it is an either/or proposition. Yet it is those very emotions and energies that the logical mind doesn’t deal with well that keep us stuck. We can know we shouldn’t still be so upset by something that happened to us years ago and yet that event can be imprinted on us in a way that no matter how we try to tell ourselves, “I’m past that!,” we know that imprint keeps coming back up.

I was drawn to study the ancient healers and indigenous people because their tools addressed the deeper blocks such as:

  1. Wounds or trauma, which creates soul loss and patterns such as “It isn’t safe.” “I’m not worthy” or “I can’t trust.” These patterns can be from this lifetime or past lifetimes.
  2. Old family patterns. This can be both the spoken patterns and the unspoken energy of the environment you were raised in. These may include set points for money, happiness, and relationship patterns. In some cases it can involve agreements or curses made generations back.
  3. Soul contracts. Did you agree to come here to experience something and your current vision isn’t aligned with that agreement? For example did you take a vow of poverty due to an abuse of power in the past life? No matter how much you think yourself rich, that contract maybe sabotaging your efforts. The good news is that soul contracts can be discovered and, if need be, renegotiated.
  4. Energies/Entities. Sometime emotions such as grief or anger take on a life of their own. And yes, in the shamanic world we are called to help move lost spirits on their way. While it sounds like something from the exorcist, it is most often a gentle process of releasing and honoring.

Energy work and ceremony are powerful tools in releasing these blocks. The mind may not exactly understand why they work. They wouldn’t seem unusual to us if we were raised in a different culture. But because we were raised in the West, I ask clients to consider the possibility that what they most need is not to think more, but to step into the realm of visceral experience and ceremony. When all your best thinking brought you to this place of “stuck,” doesn’t it make sense to try something else?  It is like trying to open a door with the same key over and over again.  Perhaps you need to try a different key.

As I shaman and intuitive coach, my role is to help you live an integrated life, where your heart and your head work together to fully express your beautiful self in the world. If you’d like support in moving beyond an area of blocks, I am here to support you in person, via Skype or over the phone.  Contact me for a free consultation.  I have a whole “key chain” of tools that can help you change.

3 thoughts on “It might not be your thinking that needs to change

  1. Dear Carol:

    Your explanations have really made an impact in me. As I read, I can’t help but say “Oh! That’s what it is”. Now I see it!
    It’s so much easier when we understand where our behaviors or attitudes come from.
    Thank you for clarifying.

  2. Carol, Positive affirmations never work for long because as you know the critical thoughts lie in the subconscious which has the greater power.

    Our thoughts and our mind only keeps us trapped in our emotional patterns.

    I agree to healing requires healing the emotional patterns held trapped in our physical bodies.

    Thank you for the article.

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