A Big Prayer on Veterans Day

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Today on Veterans Day we honor the men and women who have served our country. A day hardly seems adequate for their service and sacrifices, does it? My heart aches for all the men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice, lives cut short and families left to grieve. My heart also aches for all who are dealing with the ongoing consequences of their service. No one can deal with the separation from family or the fear, stress and trauma of war without it leaving an imprint. Even those who have well developed coping mechanisms are forever changed by these experiences.  We owe them our gratitude and prayers for healing.

Veterans often deal with physical wounds to the body, the environmental impacts of war—exposure to radiation or toxic chemicals and wounds to the emotions, spirit and soul. It is why aftercare services are so important and why I am sad when I hear of how we have often failed those trying to integrate back into their “normal” lives. So today on Veteran’s Day we honor the veterans not just for their service during the time of conflict but for the ongoing burdens that service added to their lives, physically, mentally, emotionally and financially.

The wounds of war do not only affect the individual and his or her family in this lifetime, they are encoded in us all. As an energy healer I witness the impact of war on our collective consciousness and energy bodies. Common themes that often come up in an energy healing even for people who have never served are scenes like soldiers dying alone on battlefields, remorse and guilt of those who survived, the anguish of the non-combatants who are traumatized and lose their homes, and their loved ones.

War never comes without energetic price for the whole human community but it is our veterans that bravely carry this burden in their day to day lives. I honor their day to day bravery—the bravery it takes to keep going when who you are has been fundamentally changed. I say a prayer today that all those struggling with the deep wounds of their service be healed. And I pray that one day we will be a wise enough and loving enough human race that war will no longer be an answer but a memory of the way our early human selves used to solve problems. I know that is a big prayer. But on this day it seems to be a good one.

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