Are you saying “Yes!” or “No Way!” to Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone?

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Step forward and introduce yourself to the thing that calls to you but at the same time terrifies you. For the obstacles you perceive are not blocks to your path, but your spirit calling you to the spiritual, mental and physical work of having the experience of creating here on earth.  They are not there to torture and stop you. They whisper to your heart, “Take courage and see how amazingly connected you are to the divine power of love, light and creation.  Say yes and I’ll meet you in those moments of doubt. Say yes and miracles can happen!” (Journal. 1/19/13)

Heart with question are you saying yes?If you avoid discomfort like the plague, chances are good that you are also someone who also finds yourself stuck quite often and in relationships that feel inauthentic.  Everything new or worthwhile involves taking a step out of your comfort zone.  And every good relationship comes from being vulnerable enough to share the parts of you that might be rejected or hurt.   It is so easy to play small.

There are no guarantees in life that when we try something new that it will be the answer to our problem or when we share from the heart it will be received with love.  One thing is certain though, if we don’t try something new, our problems will never get solved and if we don’t share ourselves authentically we can never be known.  If we don’t say yes to the whispers of our heart, whose life are we living anyway?

Have you taken a step this year that feels uncomfortable?  You know the one I’m talking about—the one that will lead you to that goal of better health, finances, relationships or the experience that you’ve been dreaming about having but it is a bigger leap than you are comfortable taking?   What are you waiting for?  Say Yes!

Are you waiting for yourself to magically have the courage to do something?  Courage rarely shows up when we are waiting for it.  It shows up when we commit and step forward ready to make change.  Are you waiting for change to feel good? If you aren’t naturally a daredevil who loves the adrenaline of taking those risks, you will probably be waiting a long time.  So what can we do?  We can make friends with the idea that we are going to have to go into the uncomfortable place when we want things to change.

When I assessed my goals for 2013, I decided this was the year to expand my courage.  There are a number of things that I was disappointed to see on my goals list again this year.  Even though I had accomplished some big goals last year in publishing my book, there were other goals that I honestly had to say that I could have achieved but shied away from.  I’m not beating myself up for that.  I just noticed that if I really wanted those things to happen I was going to have to do something differently this year.

This is year is my year of saying, “Yes!”  I hired a business coach to help me step out in a bigger way with my practice and my book.  A group of my friends who are business owners have recommitted to meet regularly to brainstorm and support each other as we envision and take action toward those goals.  And one of those commitments is to call each other lovingly on the ways we see each other staying in our comfort zone and encouraging each other to move forward with brave hearts.  It isn’t all about business either.  I’m saying yes to other things that are personal goals, like consistent exercise and creating more time for relationships, socialization and fun!

As we take these new actions there is no guarantee that any one step that we try will be the step that changes things but we know if we stay where we are right now, nothing will change.  Have you ever hear the saying, “When we step out and say “yes’ to life, life says ‘yes’ back”?   It may not always feel that way, because we forget that the experience of stepping out of our comfort zone is the experience of life itself.  Each day we get to choose whether we expand our experience of life or stay in the place we might perceive as safe.   Our hearts whisper to us everyday to live bigger and love more, the question is are we willing to say Yes?

So what support do you need to say, “Yes” and to take the next steps in 2013?  Do you need an accountability partner?  A coach?  A Mastermind group?  Do you need to put patterns and stories of the past behind you?  Do you need to find a safe place to unravel the blocks before you can move?   An honest assessment of where you need help is the first place to start.

For the readers of this blog, I am offering a free half hour phone assessment of how I might assist you in taking the next important step past the blocks, out of your comfort zone and into saying “Yes” to your life.  I work with clients in person in the Pasadena and Santa Clarita areas of Los Angeles, via phone and Skype and travel frequently to work with groups and individuals (contact me for details). Email me at to schedule your phone consultation.  This offer is good for current clients and new clients.

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