Feeling Overwhelmed with All the Things You Have to Do? Connect with Love First

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Today I was caught up in all the things I have to get done. I asked in my meditation what I should do first. I didn’t get the answer back that I expected. This was the message, “It is in connecting to the beauty and the beat of the pulse of your life, that you live it wisely. Not in your doing. If you “do” disconnected from the love, it is simply another action. If you do connected to love, it is a service that ripples out to all who experience it. Whatever you must do, begin by connecting with love.”

Our western world puts the emphasis on being busy and doing.  We have all sorts of people telling us how we manage time better.  One of the habits of Steven Covey’s, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People was “Putting First Things First”.   And like a little cosmic wake-up call this morning, I realized that beginning with the “to do list”  is the wrong place to start.   Asking “What should I do?” before I connect with “How I want to be”, puts me into a mode where it is all about getting things done–not necessarily how I want to be while I’m doing those things.    The question “What would love have me do with this moment?”,  creates a shift that makes whatever I do lighter and more joyful.

I rejoice in having another day where I get to be here on this playground called earth and the multiple choices of how I can be of service to myself and the world.  I take a few moments to connect with love and then choose to act with that vibration.   I know whatever I do, if it is infused with that energy of love for myself and others, it will add to the beauty of life.

So now after connecting with that love energy,  I’m relaxing into my new mantra, “One thing at a time, with Love.”





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