The innocent baby within you

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Baby with quote


Several of my friends have new babies or new grand babies.  I’m in love with these new humans–many of whom feel like very old wise souls.  I was contemplating the journey we take from innocent beautiful soul to where we are as adults, where many of us feel broken and “not good enough.”   This thought came through my mind,

 “Babies remind us of the beauty within all of us.   Perhaps life has fooled you into thinking you’ve lost your innocence, but pure love and light is still within.  Your job is to let go of the thoughts and heal the wounds that trick you into believing that you are less loveable than you were as a small infant.”

My mission in life to help people come home to themselves, to find the innocence and love within so that they can be fully present as the soul they came here to be. It is said that a shaman doesn’t heal people but sees who they really are and allows that to come forward.

What can you do today to remember that you began and still are one of these pure beautiful souls?

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