Measuring Up Versus Exploring

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Is there an area of your life where it would be helpful for you to shift from focusing on measuring up to exploring and diving into the adventure of being you?  

It is easy to get caught in a measuring up mindset but that mindset often brings fear that keeps us from fully embracing who we are.

I caught myself with one of those measuring up thoughts the other day.  I am doing a new radio show on the Creating Calm Network on BlogTalk Radio called Soulful Sunday mornings.  I am one of three hosts each Sunday morning who share inspiration.  Even though I have a radio background and tons of things to talk about from my book and my experiences, my first thought was, “What if the other two hosts do it better than me?”  This wasn’t about them—this was about me and a basic instinct to be “the best” at what I do, even though that worry about being “the best” often stops me before I begin.  If I can’t be the best, “Why bother?” that ego voice will say trying to keep me safe.  I sat in that fear for a while before I realized that if I made that my focus, I could never fully share who I am and my message.   That voice of fear wanted to stop me because it had an outer world focus rather than a soul focus.  The outer world focus is that focus on winning and being the best in comparison with others.  The soul focus is about exploring the best you in your life and allowing that to come forth.  I laughed when I realized what I had been doing.  How tricky those voices of fear can be.

When we try to measure up, we are looking at all the gifts other people have and there is always some way to find ourselves lacking.  We aren’t successful enough, thin enough, curvy enough or talented enough because there is always some unattainable standard that tells us “You aren’t good enough.”

When we explore who we are, we connect with loving ourselves and allowing our gifts to be expressed in the world.  There may be areas where we have not allowed our light to shine and those are opportunities to step in and explore.

It takes courage to put yourself out there in any area of your life where you are learning to embrace your gifts and it can be helpful to look to others for inspiration. The trick is how we look at others. If we see others success as evidence that it is possible to live our gifts rather than a demonstration that we weren’t given the gifts, looking at others can be empowering.  But too often we forget to return to our own exploration of life and get stuck with that measuring tape in our hands.

Is there an area where you need to put down the measuring tape and go explore who you are?  What’s your experience with measuring up versus exploring?


PS.  My show on Blogtalk radio airs on Sunday Mornings at 7am PST and is available to listen to anytime on demand after the show airs. Here are links to the first two shows:

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