Being courageous enough to share your gifts

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Today in meditation, I asked what I could share with you and this message came through loud and clear.

Be courageous.
Allow your gifts to blossom.
In sharing them,
you add beauty and love to the world.

Picture of a rose. Be courageous.  Allow your gifts to blossom.   In sharing them,  you add beauty and love to the world.

I’ve been taking “On the walk” photos and sharing them on my personal Facebook page for over a year now. And those pictures flew through my mind as I heard the message above.  Each plant, rock, tree or flower I look at closely shows me how to unabashedly be. The rose is beautiful in all its stages from tight bud to dried leaves. The dandelion doesn’t worry that it isn’t a rose. It just shares its bright yellow flower and turns to a puffy round ball of seeds ready to be scattered to the world without comparison.

We can learn so much from the natural world. We all are given gifts and a great capacity to love. It takes courage to share our gifts with the world. We may think I’m not a rose. That’s okay–go be a dandelion.  Someone somewhere in the world needs our brand of talents and love.   Those dandelion greens actually have lots of nutrition in them. (Although I personally am not harvesting them–we could!)

Those walks that started as a way to remind myself of all the beauty and abundance in the world and now each time I take a picture I am reminded that the beauty isn’t just “out there,” it is within all of us.  

What’s one small courageous step you can take today to share your gifts with the world? How can you express your love and talents in a more expansive way? Are you comparing your talents and thinking your don’t have a contribution to make because you are different?

Know that someone in the world is just waiting for you to be bolder and show them all the beauty that is in you. You being courageous enough to share who you are will remind them that they too, have that beauty inside. Just like when I walk by a special rose like the one pictured above, a funny tree or those dandelions I don’t blame the tree for not being a rose. Each one reminds me of how amazing we all are.

Love and Light! Go share your beauty today.


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