Be in Charge of Your Story

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Often we forget that we are the ones that add the meaning to the events of our lives. Are you taking charge of your story? Look at the stories you are telling about your life right now. How are you casting yourself? Are you the brave adventurer tackling the challenges as they come? Are you the hapless victim? (You know the one that everyone is screaming “Don’t go there!” as they watch your life like a horror movie!)

Sometimes when we are upset with life, it is simply that we are choosing to tell ourselves that what is happening right now is a problem. For example, I was supposed to go out to lunch with someone the other day and she forgot and we had to reschedule. Those are the facts of what happened. Where does story come into it? I can decide to tell the story that she must not care about me because she forgot about me. I can tell the story that this is great because it gives me time in the middle of the day to do something else. I can think of all the times I’ve forgotten things and think, wow I know how that feels to get overwhelmed. I can pout because I really wanted to see my friend or go to that restaurant for lunch. The choices about story are endless.  I’m not saying you can’t be disappointed when plans change, but what are you telling yourself that disappointment means about you and the people around you?

Often we repeat stories to ourselves so much that they become a theme. “I can’t trust people, they let me down!” “It isn’t safe to be me!” “Life is a series of disappointments.” When we could be living “Life is an opportunity to love, laugh, cry and experience myself fully.”

There is power when you realize how you tell your story is really is up to you, not the events that happen around you. What story do you want to tell about your life? Choose your stories wisely, they really do matter.

We may not control all the events in our lives but we do control HOW we tell our stories.

Is there a story that you have been telling yourself that you want to take charge of? How can you tell a better story about your life?

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