From Scared to Sacred Thought: Be Bold

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In today’s meditation, this whisper came through so clearly:


“Now is not the time to hold back. The world needs your love and passionate involvement.  Don’t shrink from the whispers of your heart. BE BOLD. Take the next step on the path that is calling you. I will meet you there and help you on your way.”  Stop trying to think it through and begin.  Whatever you are passionate about, whatever you’d like to change in your life and in the world, begin now.

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How many of us have been waiting because we feel that we aren’t ready?  We tell ourselves that we have to learn more, get better at something, wait till we have more money, wait till the children are grown, etc.   As we wait, the world loses what we could bring to the table.   I got a clear reminder from spirit that I will be met with help.  The help comes in large proportion to our willingness to step out.  When we have to take the leap of faith and then we find our wings.  Just like a baby bird learns to fly, or you learned to ride a bike, we are all wobbly in the beginning.   There is an old saying, that I’m going to rework a little here:  The Universe doesn’t wait till you are ready to call you, you are called and then all the forces in the Universe step forward to help you with your calling.

What if all the troubles you are having today are just sparks asking you to move forward with love?   What if you decided you weren’t going to wait anymore?  What would happen if we all were willing to be just a bit bolder about bringing our love and gifts into the world?   What if we dreamed those dreams and put them into action?

I have to admit that while I have been taking action each day,they have been for the most part the actions that felt comfortable.  There are many BOLDER ACTIONS that I’ve thought about and even put on my list.  But more often than not, I’ve taken the safe route.

The problem is that many who have less than heart-centered intentions have no problem being BOLD.  Many with less than loving intentions are 100% committed to their course of action.  Sensitive people have often pulled back from being in the world because of the negative energies.   What if we were BOLDER with our love?   What if we were BOLD with our intention to demonstrate that we can step forward and let LOVE show us the way?

What if we helped each other BE BOLD?  What if we had a BOLDER VISION for our WORLD?  

I’d love to hear what you think.


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