What’s behind the curtain? A self-worth reminder from the pianist

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I was talking to my friend Michelle recently about a brilliant pianist we had all seen play a year or so ago at a song circle we had attended. When the leaders of the circle said, “We’d like our friend to play from a new composition he is working on,” we all politely clapped. When this talented man began to play and the room became very silent. It was a composition that should be played with symphony orchestras all around the world. He made the old piano in that room tell us stories of passion, pain and hope. I leaned over to whisper to another friend and the words that came out of my mouth were: “Holy *@#%!” (Fill in your favorite swear word, I want to keep my newsletter g-rated!). You could hear similar whispers through the crowd.

So it surprised me when Michelle told me that the pianist from that evening thought we all hated his work because we were so quiet. This brilliant man thought he wasn’t “good enough” that night. Fortunately, he shared this with Michelle and a year later she was able to tell him that we were stunned by how good he was. I find it funny because I wanted to go up to him that night and tell him how amazing he was but I thought, “I don’t want to bother him.” To me he had star quality all over him. (Good lesson that if you have an impulse to compliment someone, do it! They might need to hear it.)

That story was part of the inspiration for today’s Shifting from Scared to Sacred radio show where we’ll be talking about going behind the “curtain.” The curtain are those dark places we don’t share with the world. It is so easy to look at someone so talented and fool ourselves that they don’t have the same doubts or worries that we do. It’s good to look at what is behind your curtain. What stories are you telling yourself that may or may be true? What are you hiding from others that if you just shared with a trusted confidant you might find: either that it is a false perception or that you having a very human experience of life–one of those experiences that we all have?   The stuff we have behind our curtain influences our self-worth when we think we are the only ones who have curtains.

Join us today at 4 p.m. Pacific time on Blogtalk radio or listen to the replay anytime after on demand for this powerful discussion about being human and going behind the curtain. The same link is a replay link immediately after the show airs.

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