Back Burner Project Completion Challenge: Day Five

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It’s Day Five of the Project Completion Challenge.  Over on Facebook, I’m seeing lots of successes. I love helping people stay focused on getting things done.

Check in: How did yesterday go?  Did you make progress?  If yes, celebrate and post your accomplishment here or on Facebook.  If not, today is a new day to make a commitment to yourself.

I didn’t get as much done as I had hoped with my book marketing materials that I wanted to draft for a mailing.  Got derailed with other things today but there is always tomorrow, right?   Yes there is!

Imposter syndromeToday we are talking about another sort of incomplete project–those that you stopped working on because they were asking you to move beyond your comfort zone.  The ones that made you feel like what you were working on was such a big stretch that you felt like an imposter, all those icky feelings got stirred up and you just stopped working on the project rather than working through those feelings.

I’ve done that!  And sometimes when you go back, you wonder why you were stuck and other times you just have to dive in and face your uncomfortable feelings and move through them to develop the MASTERY that you desire.  This can be the time to seek out accountability partners, coaches or mentors to help walk you through those scary imposter thoughts.

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