Back Burner Project Completion Challenge Day One.

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February 24 to March 31. 36 Days The Back Burner Project Completion Challenge.

Back burner Day One FOCUS

I don’t know about you, but I have lots of projects started that need various amounts of attention to finish. Many of them have been sitting on the back burner for some time.   I’m committing to look at each one and decide whether it is worth completing or if I am simply letting it go. I’m dedicating this last week of February and the month of March to completing as many of those projects as I can that have been on the back burner.  My first project is completing a birthing hypnosis program that has been almost done for 10 years. (Red face!).   After that one is completed I’ll be moving on to several other items on my list.

I’m opening this up to everyone who wants to take part in the Back Burner Project Completion Challenge.  I’ll provide the page for check in and daily prompts. I’m here to motivate and support, and I’m also taking part!

Everything that is undone claims part of your attention.  Every time you think, “I should finish that,” you are leaking energy.  Let’s plug the energy leaks and see how much we can get done!

How much can you clean up off your list in 36 Days? It doesn’t matter whether you want to use your 36 days to complete one big project or a bunch of small ones. Let’s shift our energy and get the Project Party Started.

We are kicking it off on Monday February 24th with DAY ONE, but you are just learning about it you can start anytime.

Your first task is to think about the items you want to move from the back burner! 

Pick one item to focus on and take action on that project today.  

If you have many items you want to complete.  Decide to complete them serially on at a time.  Studies show that multi-tasking slows us down.  Pick one project to focus on in addition to everything else you have going on in life.   Your odds of completing a project go up when you FOCUS on that project exclusively.  When you complete that project, you can celebrate that you finally got that project done.  This will give you energy to tackle the next project.

Post your first project in the comments here or on my Facebook page.   If we support each other, I know that the energy will help everyone get their projects done.

You can also ask for support or feedback if you need it!

Let’s get moving!  I have a visualization to edit today to get that birthing product done!


4 thoughts on “Back Burner Project Completion Challenge Day One.

  1. Go, Carol! I love this. You should see my back burner list…well, maybe not. This is great because I need to get ready to move house, and I have lots of packing tasks on my back burner, along with writing and other stuff.

  2. Joanne. Moving requires us to visit our back burner and I don’t know a writer who does have many projects on the back burner. Glad you are joining me!

  3. I’m sooo doing this! But I’m already one day behind. :(
    do I officially sign up somewhere or just follow the blog/FB posts? Thank you… love this!! xoxo

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