Back Burner Project Completion Challenge–Day Two

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It’s Day Two of the Back Burner Project Completion Challenge!

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How did you do yesterday? Have you picked a project? Did you take action? If you did. WooHoo! Congratulations. If you didn’t begin now. Each day gives us a new chance to take action.

I’m excited to report that I have finished recording all the tracks for the Hypnosis For Birthing Project and am now working on the webpage for the product today! I hope to be able to tell you that I completed that project today when we check in tomorrow.

Check in below or on my Facebook page and let me know how you are doing. Feel free to post comments or questions.

Today we are going to FOCUS on the process of working on our projects rather than trying to get everything right the first time out. Yes we want to strive for excellence but we don’t need to get stuck by trying to do it perfectly.  In fact trying to do it perfectly can often block us from getting started.

Where can you let go of perfection and just show up and do what you can do today?  Process is about showing up and doing the work.  How are you showing up today?

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