Healing Energy Work: Light, Love and Magic

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spider web
Photo by Carol Woodliff

It is so hard for me to put into words what happens in a healing energy work session because each session is different and magical.  I don’t use the word magical lightly.  It is deeply felt.  One of the blessings of doing this work is that the way spirit shows up in a session is so perfect for the client.  I am guided in the best ways to help each client release those heavy energy imprints or emotional blocks that keep them stuck.   When I start a session my internal mantra is that I see only love and anything that is not that love is to be loved into the light.   My goal in each session is to open the door for the deeper love that is within us all to blossom.  It can be palpable in the room when I work.  When I’m working via the phone or internet sometimes I can hear the energy of a session on the phone line or internet connection.   The sessions are powerful but the power is not mine.  It is the power of that Divine Source that reawakens in the session.  It is not gone from us, simply buried under our  experiences of being human which we often judge as too painful or wrong.  It is the web of light that connects us all and it is possible in a short session to remind us that the pain we feel is part of our human connection, and the remembering of our light weaves our spiritual connection together even more strongly.  The spider who wove this beautiful web outside my door reminded me of that connection that often seems invisible but sparkles when the light shines.

This week I had the honor of working with Ann White who is the head of the Creating Calm network.   She’s writing a blog about starting over: Moving from Florida to Wisconsin, to heal from a divorce, from a job, from life.   She is writing a beautiful raw honest account of her  journey on her blog called, A Year in Sheboygan and today she shared about the session we did on her blog.  So if you are curious about one person’s experience with the work I do, you check it out here: To Pick or Not to Pick-Part 2.

Check out Ann’s blog and thanks for stopping by to learn a little more about how I work.

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