6 Things to Let Go of to Make Room For What You Want

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Image credit: pressmaster / 123RF Stock Photo
Image credit: pressmaster / 123RF Stock Photo

Do you ever feel like the guy in the image to the right? He has to let go of something to move.  He either has to drop the briefcase so that he can reach up to the pole with both hands or drop to the ground.  Not knowing how far the ground is, it hard to tell what he should do, isn’t it?  When you want to create something new or better in your life you may feel like the guy in this picture.  But hanging there like he is, won’t help you.  You are going to have to let GO!

No matter what you want in life from time to finish a creative project to a new romantic partner here is my list of 6 things to LET GO of to make room for what you want:

1.  Excuses.  If you ask someone why they don’t have what they want, you’ll often hear a whole list of reasons:  “I don’t have time.  I don’t have the money.  I haven’t met the right person yet.  I don’t have the help.  All the good ones are taken.”  There may be some truth in those reasons, but the bigger truth is often we haven’t made room for what we want to come into our lives. Is it a BIG enough priority for you to give it the attention it needs to manifest in your life?  Have you truly made the effort or are you simply making excuses?

2.  Time Suckers.  One of the biggest excuses is that we don’t have enough time and yet if you undertook a ruthless examination of how you spend your time, how many time sucking activities do you take part in?  How much time do you spend in front of the computer on the Internet, in front of the television or on long extended phone conversations with friends versus time devoted to creating what you want?  You may say that you are simply relaxing and it is great to relax.  But check yourself. Are you really relaxing or are you avoiding taking the scary steps you need to take?  Does your relaxation time have  priority over your vision?  We all are gifted with the same 24 hour hours.  The people who make progress are the ones who choose to use their time well.  If you are relaxing, great!  If you are avoiding . . .you know what to do!

3.  Past Disappointments.  We’ve all had projects that we thought were going to be BIG and then fizzled. We’ve had relationships that we thought were the ONE and then found that they weren’t.  You can let the hurt and past disappointments keep you from stepping out to take on the next project or relationship or you can grieve the disappointment and begin anew.  If you are focusing on what went wrong in the past, you won’t have your full creative energy here in the present to create the future.

4.  Unsupportive People.  Dreams are fragile things.  Sharing your dream with an unsupportive people  or hanging out with a group of people who aren’t motivated to go BIG, if you are motivated, will soon drain your enthusiasm for your project or your dream.  You may not be able to eliminate unsupportive people from your life but you can limit the amount they know about your goals and dreams and the time you spend with them.

5. Going It Alone.  So often we think we have to do it all ourselves.  I realized that some of the events I am most proud of like publishing my book, wouldn’t have have happened with lots of support and help.  When I hold my book in my hand, I have to thank a writer’s group, my cover artist and about 10 friends who supported me emotionally, read beta versions of the book, gave me feedback and then proofread for me to help make it a book I am proud of.  There is this myth especially in the United States of the rugged individual who goes it alone. If you have been trying to live that myth and it isn’t working for you, perhaps it might be time to find some help. Support groups, coaches, mentors, friends, and classes all can help you move toward the life of your dreams.

6.  Old Imprints and Beliefs.  Often these are in the subconscious and form core beliefs such as “I’m unworthy” or “It is dangerous to be seen or loved”  that can come from beliefs you formed as a child, family ancestral patterns or past life wounds.   If you feel like you have a block in this area, this a great place to get help.  Work with a therapist, spiritual counselor or energy healer.  (Slight commercial here.  This is the work I do with clients to help them move past the energetic blocks to GOING BIG or being healthy!)

What do you think of my list?  Would you add anything else? What do you think people need to let go of to GO BIG and make room for what they want?

8 thoughts on “6 Things to Let Go of to Make Room For What You Want

  1. Great post Carol. I was thinking of doing a blog along the same line. I would add “attachment to results” because getting caught up in doing it the right way or doing it perfectly often stops me.
    Thanks again for your words of wisdom.

  2. Good addition Ted. Yes non-attachment is a very important principle. And when you said doing it the right way, we could add perfectionism. Thanks for adding your wisdom!

  3. Thanks for stopping by SK and for knowing yourself so well. I know that you are making great strides to managing both of these! Hugs. Carol

  4. I’d have to say unsupportive people in the past was a major one for me… great writing, Carol…

  5. Playing small because our magnificence scares us. So we dumb down because we think: Who am I to dream that big dream??!!

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