2015 Theme word: Stretch!

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Each year I pick a theme word for myself. I love picking theme words because I feel they are more nurturing and easier to remember than resolutions. Posting the word at my desk or on the bathroom mirror reminds me of the intention. As I was reflecting on New Year’s Eve, I thought “I want to lovingly stretch myself this year.” I had an aha moment where I realized that “stretch” was the perfect theme word this year.

When we do a physical stretch in the correct way we listen to the body’s tightness, we breathe and allow the muscles to stretch to that edge.  As we breathe we may notice we can stretch a little more.  As we do this we find over time, we are more flexible.

Rather than setting big goals I am challenging myself to stretch each day not only physically (my body can definitely use more stretching and exercise) but I am using the theme STRETCH to notice the edges of where I am rigid in my thoughts, where I perhaps could be more loving to myself and with others and allowing myself to stretch a little bit—and open my heart.  I want to stretch myself and open the door for new relationship including the possibility of a great partner.  And yes I was to stretch as see what is possible in my work.  A word like stretch implies expansion and being willing to take on the adventure of life.

If you like the idea of STRETCHING in 2015, you can join me.  Or you can choose a word that fits for you!  I’d love to hear what your word would be; you can post it below.

2 thoughts on “2015 Theme word: Stretch!

  1. A theme word for the year – what a great idea!! I love the choice of ‘stretch’ and after a moment’s thought, I chose ‘persevere’ for me. 2014 was full of challenges and I hope to wrap them up in 2015 and make time for long-standing activities that have been neglected while dealing with the immediate demands on my time and finances. I wrote Persevere on a note card and will post it prominently so I see it every morning.

  2. Pam– I love Persevere especially when you have been going through tough times. Sometimes we just have to keep going to get through what we are dealing with. A step at a time! Love to you! Carol

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