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Discipline or Devoted Action?

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I burned my vision board from last year a few weeks ago.  I had a good year but very little on my vision board had manifested in the physical world.  I was a little ticked at the universe for not helping me move my dreams forward and then when I dug deeper I was really angry at myself. I had let myself coast on many of the items as though they were going to come true without any consistent action on my part.

Do you want to write the great novel, get fit, start a business, spend more time with family or (fill in your desire here: _______)? Then you must take the action that supports that vision and that often means doing hard stuff like saying no to something else to create the space for it.  You know this and yet, you resist it, why?

Often we are very disciplined about working for others but when it comes to our own life agendas, we surrender to the winds of fate. I get it. You get tired. You’ve used all your energy for things that have to be done that you don’t have much left for those higher level visions.  These are some of the excuses I’ve used myself.

Unhappy girl with food
Does discipline feel like this to you?

For many of us, the word discipline has a bad connotation. It is like your inner child is being forced to eat your least favorite food.  We use words like “have to” and “should.” What if you re-contextualized discipline to mean: Devoted Action to Your Life’s Desires? Would it be easier to turn off the television and focus on the things you really want? Would it be easier to get up a little earlier or stay up a little later to create time for what you truly desire? Would it be easier to not feel guilty for creating space for yourself?

Taking action is saying YES to what you desire.

I’d love to hear what you think. Does the phrase Devoted Action to Your Life’s Desires inspire you to take that disciplined action? What would you like to devote time to this year?

(And yes, one of my DESIRES in 2016 is to resurrect this blog! Happy 2016 to you all!)

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