Shifting From Sacred to Sacred Presence

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Every moment of fear has the possibility for us to shift to a more sacred presence.

We can ask that we see things with new eyes. Most spiritual traditions have a process for transmuting heavy energy. My path combines many traditions. I ask Jesus to help me love what seems impossible to love. I remember I was taught to love my neighbor and my enemies. I do Tonglen to feel compassion for all who are hurting even when hurting looks like something I’d rather judge and label. I use the Violet Flame and call in St. Germaine often. I ask Mother Earth to help turn our “shit” into fertilizer for a better world. When I’ve done this work, it is much easier for me to make decisions based on Love and not the Fear that the world seems to be fanning right now. I am by no means perfect at this and I post this as reminder for myself. If it resonates for you, you can use it as a reminder to add your prayers, intentions and thought shifts to move from Scared to Sacred.

Violet Flame with text

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