It is up to us to put more KIND in humankind

Humankind–It is up to us

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It is so easy to watch the news and despair about the state of humanity. But closer to home this week, I have had a reminder about how kind so many people around me are. I broke my arm last Friday and have been showered with kindness from friends and acquaintances: Rides given, refrigerator filled, errand run, house cleaned. I am so blessed by the love and support of my community. I was meditating this morning and the word “Humankind” flashed across the screen of my mind with the word “kind” popping out in red. And the words, “It is up to us to put the Kind in Humankind.” Great reminder. The more love we add, the better our world.

That’s all. Typing one-handed keeps me from being wordy.

Love to you all.

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