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Easter Reflection The Pain of Being Human

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Sometimes I find myself going back to the teachings of my Catholic upbringing and seeing them in a different way. This Easter Reflection focuses on the struggle we all have with the Pain of Being Human.

I was talking with a friend who is a very loving person, who was being very hard on herself during a personal trial. “I should be handling this better,” she said to me. I knew she was raised Christian and I heard myself saying, “We were taught to focus on the fact that Jesus was Divine and was here to save us. We weren’t taught to focus on the fact that he also has some very human moments in the days leading up to his death. We all have times when we wish what we were going through wasn’t happening: ‘Let the cup pass by me’ or we feel alone and cannot connect to the loving God, ‘My God, My God why hast thou forsaken me.’ All great teachers had moments where they experienced pain and doubt. If we are experiencing these, we are not wrong or bad. We are awaiting our own transformation or resurrection. We are waiting to reconnect with the Divine within. This is part of the experience of being a spirit on earth.”

This was one of those From Scared to Sacred moments where the wisdom flowing from my mouth was greater than Carol. Grateful for the support and reminder that the Easter story can help us with every trial we have. Every time we have to start over again or feel that we just can’t face the road ahead, we can know that this too is part of the journey of being human. We don’t have to be perfect or have it all together but if we walk forward in love doing the best we can, we will be met with a Grace larger than we could imagine. We can remember to reach out to friends, reach out to our angels, spirit guides, Jesus, The Divine Spirit, God, The Universe or Art (for those of you who have read From Scared to Sacred) for help. For me that is what Easter is about–the Grace to walk forward through the pain and finding new beginnings new life on the other side.

Happy Easter, Happy Spring, and may you have the courage to walk through your struggles and find your new beginnings.

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