Are you feeling the energy churn?

If you are energy sensitive, you may feel anxious or exhausted when you look at the news.  And sometimes the energy is mixed with changes we want to make in our own lives so we feel like we can’t separate what is ours (family, job issues, health or money issues) from what we are picking up from the world (political unease, environmental concerns, etc.).  I call this feeling the energy churn.  That internal tornado of feelings that stirs up all sorts of thoughts.  “We need to change.  I don’t know what to do!  The world feels unsafe! I don’t want to do this!”

It can be so easy to let the energy churn and end up wanting to pull the covers over your head and check out for a while.  I’ve been having more and more days where I have wanted to pull the covers over my head, so I understand if you feel that way too.  Sometimes a day away is helpful to gain some perspective but if the churn is there when you reenter the world, you need a practice to face the churn head on.

The Six questions outlined below can help us in these times.

1. Can I Be Still?

Sit with the churn and notice all its voices.   If might say something like this:

  • I hate this
  • I’m not doing enough.
  • I feel like I’m going to die.
  • I am so afraid for the future.
  • I am so frustrated.
  • I don’t know what to do.
  • I can’t fix this.
  • He’s so stupid
  • Why is she like that?
  • Etc.

What happens if you just allow those thoughts to play and after each one you say:   “I understand.  I hear you.  I love you.”   Receiving those thoughts that we might label as bad or wrong with love rather than judgement is a gift we can give ourselves.  We want to be heard and understood.   The trick is not to jump immediately into fixing the problem but to sit with what is with love and remind yourself a feeling is like the weather, it can morph and change.  There is no wrong way to feel.

2. What is my vision?

After you’ve sat and truly listened to those voices.  Shift the focus to the vision of how you would like things to be.   What do you what and how does that feel?  What do you want to experience through that vision?

3. How can I take this vision to the sacred?

To paraphrase Einstein, we can’t solve a problem with the same energy that created it.  Connecting with the sacred, the higher mind whether we call that God, the Universe or the Highest Self throught ritual and ceremony can be very powerful


  • Ceremony.   I like to do fire ceremonies and make an offering for the fire that is blessed with the vision.  I create a small offering packet of herbs, flower petals, and tobacco wrapped up in a piece of paper like a gift.  I blow the vision into the packet.  I give gratitude for my many blessings including simply being alive and the opportunity to create something better that brings loving energy to earth.  I release the packet into the fire asking that spirit take my vision and assist me to bring to life in this world asking for the vision or something better that is aligned for the greater good for all.
  • Prayer.  Prayer is a personal conversation between you and the Divine.   One prayer I use often  is based on the teachings of the Course in Miracles.  That texts says a miracle is a shift in perception.  So my prayer is “Help me see this differently.  Help me see it with love.  Help me to see the opportunities here.  I am willing to be part of a miracle. Thank you. Thank you for all my blessings.”
  • Altar work.  Place some trinkets or pictures that remind you of the vision and every day bless the idea of the vision and thank spirit for helping you in the unseen world.
  • Light a Candle.  Light a candle every day when you do prayer and thank spirit for working with you to light the way for the vision.
  • Be with Nature.  Share your vision with nature.   Talk to the ocean, a mountain or a tree.

4.  What small steps can I take to advance that vision in the 3D reality?

Visioning and ceremony are wonderful, and when we combine the vision and ceremony with concrete steps in the real world, we accelerate the energy.  One of the keys here is to not worry about what the perfect right step is, and to trust that you are working with the sacred and each step is showing a willingness to do your part with your co-creation of the new world you wish to embody.

Small Actions do Count.  If you feel the world needs more love, implementing that each day may not shift the whole big picture but your smile and loving energy may help one person today.  That certainly is better than doing nothing and complaining, isn’t it?  One of the things that can paralyze us is feeling like there is only one right step.   The more steps we take the less important any one step is.

5. What feedback or signs am I noticing?

Many years ago I was trying to decide whether it was time to quit a job and go out on my own.  The signs came fast and furious among them: a poster that had a quote that said, “sometimes your only available transportation is a leap of faith,”  being dive bombed by blue jays at midnight when I took my dog out for a last potty before bed (blue jays are an animal totem that is linked to the quality of fearlessness and being able to survive), and finding a hawk feather on my back porch ( time to be less distracted by the details and focus on the higher perspective).  I took the leap and left the job and have never regretted taking the path I did.

Sometimes the feedback comes through body sensations.   For me, I know when I feel like I am drained I am not making a good decision but when I have a little fear I probably am moving in the right direction.

6.  Do I Need Support?

If only every vision manifested as soon as we got clear, did ceremony and started taking steps. But sometimes the payoff takes prolonged action and knowing that the universe has its own timing.   There are many ways we can get support:

  • Having a friend as accountability partner who supports your vision and helps you stay true to that vision can be helpful.
  • Do you need a structure (writing group, personal trainer, class) to help you keep working?
  • Do you want professional help like a therapist, coach or energy worker who can help you address the blocks you can’t seem to move through yourself?
  • Do you want to join a group that supports a higher world vision you have?
  • Do you need someone to call you on the excuses you may be making that aren’t necessarily true?

Only you can create a system that supports you.  And I hope you will do so.

We are in a time of change.

It is clear to me that we are in the process of birthing a new age.  We can look and see what isn’t working, not judging ourselves for feeling frustrated AND we can work toward creating a better world for us all.  The trick is to notice the churn, but not get stuck in it.  Move out of fear into a loving vision.  Connect with the higher powers and take the positive steps we can take to effect those changes, however small we feel our actions might be.

I welcome your comments.  Are you feeling the churn?  Do you have trouble being still or hearing your inner soul voice?  What visions do you have for the future?  Did this article help you?  Share how you handle the churn.

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One Thought on “6 Questions for When Energy is Churning”

  • Thank you for this, Carol. As usual you always seem to “put the dot over the i”. This has been happening to me lately, and the more I want to control it, the more out of sync I feel. I will follow your advice.
    Unfortunately I cannot attend the workshop on February 8th because I am involved in a language workshop that same day.

    Looking forward to a future workshop. Namaste, Amy

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