Mountain Image with What if I Fully Embraced my Soul?

If I fully embodied my soul, I would listen to the whispers and move toward my fears as mighty as a dragon slayer priestess.

I might find the dragon, not a foe but a companion to help me embrace my sacred heart, my earthly sensuality. My bold unique beautiful expression.  My own fire breathed into the world.

I might find a bear with a thorn in its paw.   Singing softly to the hurting beast, I would remove the thorn and the bear would walk with me certain that I would be tender with his wounds.

I might find a whimpering child who needed to be rocked and have her back rubbed while she told me how lost and small, she felt.  It’s okay love, we all feel lost and small at times.

I might sit under a tree and listen to its wisdom or walk a mountain pass and feel the presence of the divine in those huge monuments capped with snow.

I might walk on a city street and feel the energy of the people like the rushing waters of a river and let the energy flow by me noticing what blessings each person added to the world.

I would make time for rest and quiet so that I could discern what was important and what just wasn’t.

I would know that falling is an experience not a failure. I would embrace my foibles and flaws as features of this lifetime.

I were to embody the bigness of my soul, I would commit to wringing all the juiciness out of this moment.  I would not go thirsty for experiences of heart, spirit, mind, or body. Nothing would stop me from rejoicing in this life I was gifted and every experience in it.  I would live outrageously. Love boldly. Laugh with a snort and not apologize. Cry my ocean of tears. Dance when moved by music internal or external. Sing even if off key. Share in my writing and voice my soul stories—the mystical, the profound, the silly—with joy. Touching the heart and tickling the fancy are truly soulful work.

If I were to live the power of my soul, I would invite others to stand with me in the power of their own and know that the doubts and fears and heartaches are invitations to be both tender and fierce.  Each of us lending the other a shoulder to cry on when life is overwhelming and encouragement to rise again and befriend the fiery dragons, the wounded animals and the tender children in us all.

What would you do if you fully embraced your soul and soul journey? I shared mine, I encourage you to share yours.

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