Meditator breathing

I was awake at 4:30am this morning.  Wide awake.   Those who know my night owl tendencies,  know how odd that is.  Only 4.5 hours sleep and I was ready for the day.   I decided to get up meditate and write.   As I was noticing my breathing,  I heard these instructions. “Breathe in notice how supported you are, Breathe out give thanks.”   Right now, when so many are struggling to breathe–whether from COVID or lung issues or anxiety.   It was powerful to connect and give thanks for my breath.   When I went to the page to write about that experience this is want came out.

Breathe in

Notice this Breath

Is it shallow?

Are you rationing life?

Are you limiting your support?

Breathe in and allow yourself to receive the fullness


Are holding on to what is done?

Are you living in fear of where your “next” comes from?

Your next dollar, your next insight, your next moment, your next breath


There is enough

Trust. Let go.

Say thank you for that breath, for life itself.

Breath in

Notice the love, support and the very essence of life in that breath.

And when you have filled yourself today with that awareness of how supported you are

Breathe out

The breath asks you to receive and let go in equal measure.

Let your voice use that breath to love and hope.  To add to life.

You are enough


Revel in the blessing of each breath gifted to you.


And for those who need a little music reminder here is a song from my friend Susan Kay Wyatt. Just breathe!



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