Honor your Knowing. If it doesn't sit right with your gut, it is not right for you.

Twice this week, I was contacted by friends who have received wonky intuitive readings. The information that they received was more like a curse than helpful guidance.  An intuitive should not be telling you are surrounded by dark energy and give you nothing to do to mitigate that, should not predict your death, etc.   Both friends were savvy enough to know that what they got from a psychic didn’t sit right with them.  I am glad I was available when they needed to talk it out to release the feelings that got stirred up from the reading.

This is my public service announcement: There are great intuitives who truly help people but if you run into someone like this please stop and reject it immediately and cleanse your energy field.  If you can’t shake it off, please reach out to someone for help.

Your gut is linked to your animal body knowing.  Honor your knowing. If it doesn’t sit right with your gut, it is not right for you.

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