Pachamama Mother Earth by Carol Woodliff

Sometimes in life we have to go to the Divine Mother.   Connecting to Pachamama (Mother Earth), the divine nurturing feminine always grounds me and helps me.   Sharing a prayer or incantation I wrote the other day after one of my grounding to her meditations.

A Prayer to Pachamama

I sit cross legged on the grass, feeling the sun on my face.  Closing my eyes.   Breathing deeply.   In my suburban backyard on a freshly mowed lawn, I extend a root from my vagina connecting to Pachamama,  the Earth Mother.  An energetic umbilical cord.  Anchor me, nourish me, ground me, feed the soul of me that needs to know that in my human form I am loved, I am her perfect child.  That I belong like the trees and the flowers.  That there is a home for me. It is a longing for connection that drives me outside to be…to slow down.  To anchor myself to something real.

I have so many seeds  of creativity of inspiration, so I come to the one who nurtures and plant myself here with her and seek her wisdom.  I ask her waters to help me flow, to not get stuck, to change form as required by life but not to lose my essence, to provide the waters that nurture the seeds and allow them to sprout and blossom.

I ask her to open the doorway to the kingdom of feminine knowledge and magic and help me to fully embody the medicine within me.

I connect my heart with hers.  I ask her to reparent me.  I know my parents loved me but they too were human.  May this connection to divine mother heal parts of me that feel lost and unworthy.  May it heal my ancestors. Help my heart find its rhythm.  Help me to let down the shields and protections and love myself so fully that I am overflowing and sharing from abundance not scarcity.

I feel the wind on my face and I throw my head back and ask her to open my voice…so that I speak my truth with conviction and integrity.  I ask her to strengthen my will to stand out, to be heard to be me and only me.

I listen I hear the birds singing and ask that my voice be my own, my true expression.

I ask for discernment, wisdom and strength.  That my intuition and knowing is aligned with the clearest sight. That my soul flies true to my destiny.

I feel the sun beating on the crown of my head and I take in its warmth and I imagine that sun flowing down through my body down to the umbilical cord and I promise to walk with the wisdom I have been given and the intention to bless the earth with each step.  May I truly be the place where heaven and earth meet.

The light weaves through me, connecting my intentions and grounding them in mother earth. I lay down My belly to the belly of the earth.  I give thanks.

And I hear her say.   Allow.  Breathe, feel me, know me.   I’ve got you.  Welcome home.

Text and Artwork Copyright Carol Woodliff

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