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The lights shadows on my wall when I wake from a nap are like twelve chakra circles with a huge orb of light at the top.   There one moment and then gone as though a guide or angel just wanted me to know they were present.

On my walk, a hummingbird hovers in my face reminding me to watch the stories I tell.  Source from sweetness she insists.

Sitting outside meditating, I call upon my ancestors.  The mourning doves call in response saying hello from my dad and grandfather. A dragon fly circles me three times as though to say “we are here.”

Hosting a fire ceremony in my backyard, stepping outside of time and then noticing the spiders dropping from trees and utility lines to surround us in our sacred circle. All just hanging with us and then pulling their web lines back in when we are done.

A guest whispering in awe when we are building a despacho. “I see little people like fairies looking in the window at us, they want to be part of the ceremony”

The wind chimes blowing even though there is no wind and the spirit chills that run up my spine and raise the hair on my arms. “Truth bumps “I call them as I share a knowing with a client that I know so deeply from heart and soul…not logic.

Smelling citrus and sensing an older woman…the client tells me her grandmother had many citrus trees.

Plants that seem to find their way in impossible circumstances up through cracks in pavement straining for the light.  The trees that host many spirits that step out to say hello.

Walking the shamanic path has heightened my awareness. Things that seem random are actually meaningful and rich.  Enchantment is the tenderness of allowing all of this to move me.

If I were to drench myself in delight, I would allow myself to be present with all of this.  And with every bite of ice cream or chocolate without guilt or second thoughts.  I would anoint my body with oil.   I would sleep until I felt like getting up. I would snuggle with my dog. I would dance in the rain and jump in puddles.

I would gather with a group of women friends and swap stories, drink wine and giggle.   We would get witchy and claim the powers that have been held back, suppressed far too long

My witch wants to cast enchantments on the world and make it better. And turn certain people into toads and rocks as a cosmic timeout for bad behavior.  She wants to take the dark energies and send them to the fire and birth something new out of the ashes.

And then retire to an enchanted cottage in the woods, sink in a bath and wash the trauma of seeing and knowing away. For this witchy magic enchantment is both a gift and a burden.  Learning to hold its power in a world seemed bent on destroying the enchantment a sacred responsibility.

I’d love to hear your enchantment experiences.  What connects to to the magic?  Leave a comment below.  


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