Bear eagle and jaguar wild animals

Was working with the idea of wildness and had the feeling that I was no longer connected to the wild, untamed part of myself. I wrote down “i have lost my wild.” and the rest spilled onto the page.

I lost my wild

My passion

My spontaneity

My certainty of what calls to the animal within.

Trying to remember my dreams for my life, the world

Have I forgotten or outgrown them?

I am in between now

Have no energy to go on a grand adventure

No desire to work to figure it out.

No inspiration to journey looking for answers.

Have the daily demands of my domesticated life killed my untamed?

I can sit with a tree and be content

I don’t feel the need to hunt for more

Am I a bear mamma hibernating?

Or a jaguar taking a nap in a tree?

Am I an eagle resting on an unseen air current?

The thought makes me sigh.

The mamma bear, the jaguar and the eagle whisper

Wild embraces stillness and not knowing.

Wild can let the simple of now be enough.

Photos courtesy of pexels.

What’s your relationship to your wild or untamed?  

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