Painiting of an eye/face with hearts

To my Cornea donor, Dear Beautiful Soul.

I know nothing about you. Whether you are man or woman, old or young. But this I know, the gift you left behind has changed me. Where I might have gone blind from the genetic disease I was diagnosed with; now, I have the gift of sight and opportunity and I intend to use that gift wisely.

I promise to see the beauty in the world using the cells you donated. Together we will write and make art. I will not take your gift for granted. I will fully use it in my photography, art, writing, in appreciation of life and service to our world. Every night I will say a prayer of gratitude when I can drive rather than being reliant on others to drive because my night vision was so distorted by light refractions, I didn’t dare drive. Your gift gave me freedom and independence which I had taken for granted. It was humbling when I realized what I had taken for granted could easily go away.

I am honored to receive this piece of you.

May your soul feel my love and gratitude. May joy, peace and love fill your light body as it journeys in the great beyond.

I hold ceremony for you. For anything in your life that felt undone, the challenges and traumas you may have experienced.

I do ceremony for the healing of your lineage. Your ancestors, living family and your children if you had them before you left this world. Friends who miss your presence here.

May they know that a part of you is here with me, and I hold that part sacred.

My donor card is active so that when I leave this world, if there is any part of me that can help another, may I pass that gift on as you so lovingly did to me and others.

Bless you. Thank you.


Loving Eye Painting Copyright Carol Woodliff 2022

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